NOVEMBER 2008 – RealSound Becomes Approved UK Dealer For Technomad Loudspeakers

Posted on: 11-1-2008 Posted in: Real Sound and Vision News

TOTALLY WEATHERPOOF Loudspeakers From USA Manufacturer…

Pro audio equipment is highly sensitive and very susceptible to the ravages of hostile weather conditions. High fidelity loudspeaker systems have never been items that one would leave out in the rain, fog or humidity, let alone rain, fog or humidity that is very high in salt content.

As an extreme example, Technomad loudspeakers go into some of the harshest and abusive environments on board cruise ships. The Caribbean weather (for example) can go from sunny with temperatures of 110 degrees to driving rain and temperatures of 60degrees, and then back again within fifteen minutes. The life span of professional audio equipment and loudspeaker systems in this type of environment is greatly reduced due to the extreme sun, heat, water, wind and salt conditions….

Royal Caribbean, Princess and Cunard Cruise Lines all choose Technomad speakers for their outdoor entertainment areas. Delivering crisp, clear and articulate sound – but without the harshness of many other ‘outdoor’ speakers – they are primarily used poolside for the entire day by live bands and CD sourced music and in the evening for parties and other ‘theme night’ functions. It is not unusual for the Technomads to be in use eight or more hours per day – and they stay out there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Technomad loudspeakers are IP56 rated and designed to be used in abusive, real-world situations – year-round, indoors or out – without fear of water, sand, salt, temperature, mold, mildew, condensation, chemical, insect, UV light radiation or other damage. Technomad offers the only off-the-shelf PA speaker system that meets U.S. Military-Specification 810E and is ATA III rated, splinter-proof and resistant to impact, chemical cleaners and even fire!

Technomad loudspeakers are the ideal choice for amusement and water parks, leisure pools, health spas, cruise ships, outdoor sports grounds, stadiums and arenas, ski resorts, in-the-field military uses, etc. From the diminutive 60W ‘Vernal’ with a 6.5″ + 1″ speaker configuration up to the mighty 500W ‘Cairo’ featuring 15″ + 12″ + 1″ drivers, Technomad speakers certainly live up to their sales slogan… ‘Audio. Anywhere.’
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